Health Optimisation

Health Optimisation

Whether it’s gut health, skin or heart health there are many ways we can help restore and rejuvenate our body systems. Between specialised programs that are designed to target defined organs and systems or general health and wellness, the specialists are Demeter Regeneration draw on the most innovative and science backed research and knowledge to provide you the best options.

Our programs and recommendations are formulated from client medical and health history, but it is highly recommended to undertake DNA and genetic testing to provide unmatched insights about how your body works. Our testing regimes provide reports that go in depth about your cell health, genetic age, recovery rate, muscle health, nutrigenomics testing and more. With these results we can help optimise your health lifestyle, recovery rate, diet and more to reflect your personal requirements and goals.

Specific organ systems, lifestyle goals or general health optimisation are all aspects of the Demeter Regeneration journey, offering diet and exercise programs, nutritional supplement recommendations and health and longevity testing to provide the most accurate genetic data.These programs are a great step for anyone wanting to refocus their lifestyle goals and live a happier and healthier life. However our specific health optimisation specialisation, testing and supplements are perfect for people trying to conceive, undergoing medical treatments for other conditions or want to focus on specific organ system health optimisation – brain, heart, skin and so on.

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