What is the Premester?
Premester refers to the 3-6 month period prior to when you are considering trying to conceive both men and women. By paying particular attention to this timeframe, research shows your chances of conceiving are not only higher but you are likely to have a healthier baby who grows up to be a healthier person. 
It is generally accepted throughout our society that pregnancy begins in the first trimester, but there are many actions we can take to ensure our health, the health of our eggs and sperm and our babies are at their most optimal. 
Keeping a healthy life style is important throughout pregnancy while our chid grows and develops, but this is just as, if not somewhat more, important in the stages prior to conception, giving our babies the best chance from the healthiest embryo. These carry the cells our both men and women the genetic code that we change and mould with the environment, health, dietary and other impacts. These same genes that our children will pass down to their children in the same manner.
There are many things we can do to enhance our premester from as simple as sleeping well to more complex activities like nutritional programs, gene testing and cellular repair programs.
Dr Knight is at the forefront of premestering programs, and is an avid believer in setting the right foundations to get pregnant and grow your family. To sure for now but for your future, their future and their children future. In the same way we need to care for our environment and surroundings for the future of families, so too do we care for our genes.

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Contact our dedicated team at Demeter Regeneration

Contact our dedicated team at Demeter Regeneration