Anti Ageing Clinic Sydney

Demeter Regeneration offers a range of treatments and programs that are aimed at reducing the age-related effects on health and immunity.

This service is catered to directly assisting those who wish to live the healthiest, most fulfilled lives they can. Located in Sydney, NSW, our clinics provide our Active & Ageless Program, incorporating anti-ageing regenerative medical procedures in order to get the best results for the patient.

Our Demeter Regeneration clinic in Sydney specialises in regenerative medicine and offers consultations with every patient to pinpoint exactly which program is most suitable for the individual. By conducting a range of diagnostic tests and discussing with the patient their diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and exercise habits, we ascertain what specific treatment may work best to achieve increased immunity and allowing the body to heal and restore itself on a cellular level through our Active & Ageless program.

Advanced anti ageing medicine techniques exceed the average multi-vitamin and immune-boosting drugs currently available for consumer purchase. The program also combines customised lifestyle advice (dietary and fasting programs, sleeping, lifestyle, exercise, and anti ageing medicine therapies), possible prescription medications, food supplements, vitamin supplements, and activities along with baseline and outcome measurements, and support from the clinic staff.

Our anti ageing program covers the following treatment stages:

Epigenetic Testing

This involves the collection of blood or urine to determine your biological body age. DNA is extracted from your sample, and over 2,000 DNA methylation markers are analysed. While your biological age is fluid and can change over time, it provides immensely valuable information and a starting point for us to begin the program components and reduce the loss of cellular function often associated with ageing. Anti ageing medicine is a combination of various lifestyle and supplementation activities undertaken by the patient, which improves long term health and immunity outcomes. We provide you with advice with deep care and understanding about how regenerative medicine can improve quality of life and contribute to anti ageing in patients.

Biomarker Testing

Further DNA and blood analysis is carried out along with anecdotal evidence in terms of your particular lifestyle habits, including your nutrition, exercise, demographics and physiological profile which all contribute to great outcomes when it comes to anti ageing regenerative treatments. This provides critical information about:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Central nervous system & metabolic disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid disease
  • Oncology
  • Sexual health
  • Bone disease
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory issues

Senolytics Therapy

Senolytics therapy targets senescent cells; faulty cells that have been identified as instrumental in our eventual demise. These cells attack other cells as we get older, bringing on common age-related complaints such as pain and illness. They are also the catalyst for:

  • Age-related macular degeneration & glaucoma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Insulin sensitivity (leading to obesity)
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer

Senolytic therapy takes a blood sample prior to treatment as a precautionary health screening measure, as well as to chart and compare senolytic cells both before and after therapy. After the screen is passed, your treatment involves taking tablets for several weeks. After this period, another blood sample is taken to assess the success of your cells’ response to the treatment at our clinic.

Lifespan Maintenance Therapy

Lifespan maintenance is the scientific study of biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena associated with ageing. Lifespan maintenance focuses on providing counteractive measures to prevent the onset of issues associated with old age, such as illness and degeneration and may help many with non-cosmetic, anti ageing medicine and supplements.

This involves conditions such as:

– Heart disease

– Cancer

– Stroke

– Neurological conditions

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is involved with several enzymes that let cells release energy by way of the mitochondria, the energy producers in cells. It is also involved in DNA repair and other biochemical functions. And there’s little doubt that as time passes and we get older, NAD levels decrease, as does mitochondrial function which leads to a loss of regenerative capabilities of the cells. By harnessing the power of anti-ageing, regenerative medicine in our clinic; we give you back control of your health and turn back the time when it comes to critical cellular functions that affect the way your body handles the stress associated with ageing.

Therapy is a combination of supplements, medications, and lifestyle directives that target and may treat the ageing process and address the need for increasing cellular energy.

Outcomes may improve your health through increased immunity levels, and the benefits are reduced risk and severity of disease, prolonging your health and your life by reducing the amount of cellular stress associated with ageing. Following the initial period of treatment, you will receieve a tailored anti aging ongoing individual program based on your epigenetic and inner health biomarker results which are monitored throughout the consultation process.

A Pioneer in Anti Ageing Medicine based in Sydney, NSW

Our Medical Director, Dr David Knight, has a track record of pioneering ground-breaking programs in rejuvenation and fertility across his practice. He has introduced pioneering and innovative techniques in Australia, particularly in the IVF area, some of which have become mainstream practice today.

His practice has led to an interest in health-span maintenance, anti ageing medicine, and longevity, providing counteractive measures to prevent the onset of issues associated with ageing, which include health issues such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, and heart disease.

This field of expansion is a natural progression from his ongoing work with ovarian rejuvenation. Dr. Knight is supported by a highly trained team of medical professionals, who are committed to offering you greater health via our clinics in Sydney.

If you are interested in finding out more about our anti ageing, regenerative medical treatments, please phone or email the clinic using the online contact form, on our website, and one of our team will respond as soon as possible with further information.

For more information phone 1300 899 850 to book an appointment or contact us.