Our Clinic

Help your body heal, restore and turn back the clock, in record time.

At Demeter Regeneration, our team of doctors and qualified medical clinicians, are at the forefront of non-surgical, aesthetic and reproductive rejuvenation therapies. Utilising cutting edge technology, our restorative treatments tap into your body’s natural intelligence and effectively stimulate its inherent ability to heal.

The power to heal, repair and restore is within you.

Regenerative therapies do not rely upon pharmaceuticals, synthetic implants or surgical procedures to stimulate and support the body’s natural healing process. Rather, an individual is able to borrow from their native biological brilliance, in the form of their own cells and blood platelets. These are collected, concentrated and returned to the body, catalysing a restorative chain reaction in the desired area and resulting in a profound healing response. Powerful enough to create life changing results - both in terms of your body’s form and function - our regenerative therapies can be used alone or in combination with other cutting edge technologies, such electromagnetic frequency treatments.

While all treatments offered in-clinic at our Sydney practice are non-invasive, with minimal to no downtime, they are still advanced medical therapies. As such, treatment by a qualified doctor is the only method we are aware of, which can offer you the peace of mind of their safe application and long term success.

Entrust your rejuvenation journey to the experts.

Demeter Regeneration’s Medical Director, Dr David Knight, is a renowned Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Fertility Specialist.

For more than two decades, Dr Knight has practiced in the area of reproductive medicine. His knowledge and experience in fertility treatments and reproductive medicine is widely sought after, placing him at the forefront of his industry. He has been integral in the development and implementation of processes to maximise patient outcomes whilst minimising all types of costs, including financial, time and emotional costs.

His achievements and expertise in the field of fertility, dovetail seamlessly with regenerative medicine, where scientific advances are now making the seemingly impossible, possible, for a wide range of patients, in addition to those seeking to conceive.

Dr Knight is supported by a highly trained team of medical professionals, who are committed to offering you an unparalleled level of care.