Active and Ageless

The Demeter Regeneration “Active and Ageless Program”

The Demeter Regeneration “Active and Ageless Program” is designed for people who want to ensure they are living the healthiest, most fulfilled life they can. Due to significant advances in medicine in the past 10 years, we are all living longer but our quality of life and incidence of pain and disease remains high. With the advances of regenerative medicine we have begun to understand our own body’s capability to heal and restore itself.

Unblock your personal blood and DNA data to reveal exactly the areas you need to focus on to combat the ageing process

Target your weak spots with a customised plan that combines lifestyle, supplements and activities designed specifically for you

Analyse markers and indicators along the way to evolve your personal plan and track your progress

A Multi Stage Program

What if we said you could change how old you feel? And not just feel, but how old you act, how quickly you recover, how well you sleep. What if we said, age is just a number and you can change it?

The Demeter Regeneration “Active and Ageless Program” is an evidence-informed, pro-active approach to analyse your DNA, assess your biological age, target the ‘faulty’ cells that cause age related diseases, protect you against infection, treat the ageing process and increase overall life longevity. With our comprehensive testing, we can judge your biological age and other key health and ageing factors in your cellular and genetic make up to help pinpoint areas that are essential to your ongoing health. 

Our robust and advanced program uses techniques that far exceed the average multi-vitamin and immune boosting drugs currently available for consumer purchase. The program also combines customised lifestyle advice (dietary and fasting programs, sleeping and therapies), possible use of prescription medications, food supplements, vitamin supplements and activities along with baseline and outcome measurements, and support from the clinic staff.

Outcomes improve your health through increased immunity levels, and the benefits are a reduced risk and severity of disease, prolonging your health and your life. Following the initial treatment period, an ongoing individual program is developed based on your epigenetic and inner health biomarker results which are monitored throughout the process.


The Areas of Testing

The program covers the following key areas:

Epigenetic Testing

This involves the collection of blood or urine to determine your biological age. DNA is extracted from your sample, and over 2,000 DNA methylation markers are analysed which relate to the ageing process. While your biological age is fluid, and can change over time, it provides immensely valuable information and a starting point for us to begin the program components.


Lifespan Maintenance Therapy

Lifespan maintenance is the scientific study of biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena associated with ageing. Lifespan maintenance focuses on providing counteractive measures to prevent the onset of issues associated with old age, such as illness and degeneration.

This involves conditions such as:

– Heart disease
– Cancer
– Stroke
– Neurological conditions

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is involved with several enzymes that let cells release energy by way of the mitochondria, the energy producers in cells. It is also involved in DNA repair and other biochemical functions. And there’s little doubt that as we age, NAD levels decrease, as does mitochondrial function.

The Lifespan Therapy is a combination of supplements, medications and lifestyle directives that target and treat this aging process and address increasing cellular energy.

Biomarker Testing

Further DNA and blood analysis is carried out along with anecdotal evidence in terms of your particular lifestyle habits, including your nutrition, exercise, demographics and physiological profile. This provides critical information about:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Central nervous system & metabolic disorders
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid disease
  • Oncology
  • Sexual health
  • Bone disease
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory issues
Senolytics Therapy

Senolytics therapy targets senescent cells; faulty cells that have been identified as instrumental in our eventual demise. These cells attack other cells as we get older, bringing on common age-related complaints such as pain and illness. They are also the catalyst for:

  • Age-related macular degeneration & glaucoma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Insulin sensitivity (leading to obesity)
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer

Senolytic therapy takes a blood sample prior to treatment as a precautionary health screening measure, as well as to chart and compare senolytic cells both before and after therapy.

After the screen is passed, your treatment involves taking tablets for several weeks. After this period,another blood sample is taken to assess the success of your cell’s response to the treatment.

A Pioneer in Medicine Today

Our Medical Director, Dr David Knight, has a track record of pioneering ground-breaking programs in rejuvenation, anti-aging and fertility in Australia. He has introduced innovation and revolutionising techniques in Australia, particularly in the IVF area.

His practice has expanded to include health-span maintenance and longevity, providing counteractive measures to prevent the onset of issues associated with old age, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis and heart disease.

This field of expansion is a natural progression from his ongoing work with ovarian rejuvenation. Dr Knight is supported by a highly trained team of medical professionals, who are committed to offering you an unparalleled level of care.