Tone, Repair and Re-define

What is Emsculpt Body Contouring?

Emsculpt is a new device that is in a body contouring class of its own, being the only one on the market that burns fat and builds muscle mass at the same time. While surgery might flatten your stomach, Emsculpt targets the underlying muscle; building definition for your abdominals, strengthening your core and improving abdominal separation.

If you have had a baby and are not completely happy with your post-baby body, then Emsculpt may be for you. It’s a no-downtime, pain-free, non-surgical way to define the abs and lift the buttocks and improve abdominal separation known as diastasis recti, leading to a more defined six pack-esque appearance.

A majority of body contouring and shaping treatments are specifically designed to tighten the skin or eliminate fat with the use of lasers. Emsculpt differs in the way that it works, instead it is a targeted treatment that actually increases muscle mass for a toned appearance post-treatment. It is a non-invasive fat removal and muscle toning treatment, that uses the power of electromagnetic power to zap the abdominal and gluteal muscles, with every 30 minute session. Emsculpt is in a body contouring class of its own that burns fat and builds muscle mass. Emsculpt is a pain-free and non-surgical way to build muscle, without requiring down time.

Demeter Regeneration is the first clinic in Australia to provide Emsculpt, an FDA approved device. These results are backed by a series of clinical studies, which show fat loss as well as defined and sculpted muscles in the abdomen leading to a six pack and build muscle in the buttocks for a more rounded shape without the need for lifting heavy weights.

  • 96% patient satisfaction rating
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • 5 x increase in fat metabolism
  • No down time
  • 30 minute sessions
  • Non invasive butt lift

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Ever wanted a six pack without having to spend months on end doing sit ups? Emsculpt treatments produce high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy that creates “supramaximal” contraction, using a series of different muscle contraction patterns. Emsculpt allows for greater contractions than can be achieved during workouts, which means you get better muscle tone and enhanced fat metabolism than you could doing physical training alone.

A single Emsculpt treatment is an equivalent of doing approximately 20,000 sit ups or squats without sweating it out at the gym. This muscle contraction leads to the building of new muscle mass (increased tone and muscle definition) as well as enhanced fat metabolism through lipolysis (the destruction of fat cells).

Emsculpt produces high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy that creates “supramaximal” muscle contraction. It contracts muscles beyond what is possible through physical training, yielding increased tone and enhanced fat metabolism. Emsculpt uses a series of different patterns of muscle contractions during treatment to stimulate work beyond what you can achieve through a personal trainer with strength training alone.

After four sessions, patients undertaking the treatment see results. Within two weeks following Emsculpt sessions you are able to get the equivalent of a year’s worth of gains in your core or your buttocks and see results that would not be possible through diet and exercise alone. Emsculpt body sculpting gives you contouring results in less time!

Tested in seven independent studies* utilising established methods of evaluation, including MRI, CT, and Ultrasound, BTL EMSCULPT® demonstrated:

  1. 19% average reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat *
  2. 16% average increase in muscle mass *
  3. 44mm average reduction in thickness of the subcutaneous abdominal fat layer *
  4. Average waist measurement sees a reduction of 4.4cm *

Treatment for Post Birth Recovery

Return To Your Best, Post Baby! Emsculpt and the Emsella Chair offer safe, effective and non-surgical solutions for common issues post childbirth. These include urinary and stress incontinence, diastasis recti and sexual dysfunction.

Emsculpt is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment because it has the power to both tone and lift, all without the use of invasive surgery. We all know how hard it can be to shift stubborn belly fat, especially after having children. Diet and exercise can be a great tool in achieving our body goals, however, with the complimentary use of the Emsculpt treatment, you can contour your body without discomfort or downtime. This is especially true for the stomach area which has a tendency to sag and hold fat as we age.

Demeter Regeneration in Sydney, Australia offers both the FDA and TGA approved Emsculpt and Emsella chair together. The Emsculpt treatment can be used to achieve a variety of outcomes, depending on the number of 30 minute sessions and the way that various muscle groups are targeted by Emsculpt body sculpting.

Helping your body heal, restore and turn back the clock, in record time.

At Demeter Regeneration, our team of doctors and qualified medical clinicians, are at the forefront of non-surgical, aesthetic, and reproductive rejuvenation therapies. Utilising cutting edge technology, our restorative treatments tap into your body’s natural ability to heal. The Emsculpt treatment is one of these valuable tools, giving people the power and confidence to build the body they’ve always dreamed of.

Powerful enough to create life-changing results – both in terms of your body’s form and function – our regenerative therapies can be used alone or in combination with other cutting edge technologies, such as the Emsculpt and Emsella electromagnetic frequency treatments.

While all treatments offered in-clinic at our Sydney practice are non-invasive, with minimal to no downtime, they are still advanced medical therapies.

As such, treatment by a qualified doctor is the only method we are aware of, which can offer you the peace of mind of their safe application and long term success.

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