What is the Emsella Chair?

The Emsella Chair is a revolutionary, non-surgical and non-intrusive treatment for urinary incontinence. It is designed for both men and women and helps restore the pelvic floor. It involves no recovery downtime and you can remain fully clothed throughout the session. The Emsella chair treatment remarkably produces the same amount as 11,200 pelvic floor exercises in just one session.

Treatment for Incontinence Issues in Sydney

One in five people in Australia suffer from urinary incontinence in some form. Pelvic floor health is crucially important and no one has to simply put up with it. The Emsella Chair is a non-invasive approach to combatting urinary incontinence, that can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, leaving them insecure and uncomfortable.​

How does it work?

The Emsella Chair is able to engage all of the pelvic floor muscles and produce thousands of muscle contractions at the one time. It does so by using advanced electromagnetic energy. The resulting action is far more intense than pelvic floor exercises, but similar in nature.

Its purpose is to restore the pelvic floor muscles and the bladder by creating greater control and neuromuscular strength in the pelvic region. The treatments can greatly decrease urinary and urge incontinence by repairing the pelvic floor muscles. In addition, it can have the extra benefit of improved sexual function, resulting from the tightening of the vaginal walls. This improves the vaginal laxity women can experience after giving birth.

Each session lasts 28 minutes and is the equivalent of doing 11,200 kegel exercises. During the treatment, you can remain fully clothed and experience the therapy pain-free. Most people require six treatment sessions over a three-week period averaging two treatment sessions a week in order to combat their urinary incontinence.

The effects are instant and ongoing. Patients reported that with just six treatment cycles in three weeks, their incidence of stress urinary incontinence was improved by 95%.

The Emsella Chair for Women

Pelvic floor issues and urinary incontinence can be more common and noticeable in women that have given birth vaginally and may be experiencing vaginal laxity. Additionally, the beginning of menopause can aggravate any existing issues. The most frequent pelvic floor muscle issues for women are:​

  • Urinary Incontinence: an unintentional urinary leak when you exercise, laugh, sneeze or cough.
  • Urge Incontinence: caused by an overactive bladder and persistent urges to go to the toilet where you may not be able to make it in time. This may include not being able to make a short car trip without needing to go to the toilet at your destination or getting up numerous times in the night to go.
  • Vaginal Laxity: a sense of ‘looseness’ or laxity in the vagina can also be an issue, leading to a decreased sensation during sex. This can be especially problematic after a vaginal delivery.

Dr David Knight became intent on finding a safe and effective treatment for incontinence after seeing first hand many women struggle with incontinence issues after pregnancy. Demeter Regeneration is one of the first clinics in Australia to have the FDA and TGA approved non-surgical Emsella chair.

The Emsella Chair for Men

Urinary incontinence can be a real issue for men of all ages and can have a devastating effect on their quality of life. The Emsella Chair treatment can help men to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and help them regain a more comfortable and satisfying quality of life by improving bladder leakage, or Erectile Dysfunction post Prostatectomy. Whether you have had a prostatectomy due to an enlarged prostate or cancer, you no longer need to put up with decreased bladder control or losing urine. After an operation, the Emsella treatment is a great way to minimise leakage and give you back control and confidence.

Prostatectomy can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction in men. This can be a result of an existing condition such as nerve damage or a weak pelvic floor. The high intensity electromagnetic treatment can assist in restoring those pelvic floor muscles in affected men. Hypertrophy of the pelvic muscles leads to a prevention of the outflow of blood. Better erections may follow after these muscles are strengthened using the non-surgical Emsella Chair.

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