Fertility and Conception Programs

Get your body and genetics ready for pregnancy, with our Premester program. ‘Premester’ refers to the 3-6 month period prior to when you are considering trying to conceive, for both men and women. By paying particular attention to this timeframe, research shows your chances of conceiving are not only higher but you are likely to have a healthier baby who grows up to be a healthier person. 

Not only do you want to give yourself the best chance of conceiving and carrying your baby, but whether man or woman, you want to ensure the DNA and genetic material you are passing onto your baby is the best it can be! 

Dr Knight is at the forefront of premestering programs, and is an avid believer in setting the right foundations to get pregnant and grow your family. In the same way we need to care for our environment and surroundings for the future of families, so too do we care for our genes.

Our carefully formulated pregnancy support supplements consist of Trimester 1, Trimester 2&3 and Breastfeeding. Unlike off-the-shelf comparisons, these formulations include over 20 essential ingredients focussed on the health of your body and the development of your baby through the crucial first few weeks through to the final stages of pregnancy and beyond.

Each crafted to reflect the changing requirements of both you and your baby through every step of the way, each trimester and then breastfeeding supplement is different.

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